Monday, April 5, 2010

Mint "Oreo" Cookies

For the family Easter gathering, I made these alleged "Oreo" cookies with a beautiful mint-colored (and flavored) filling. I guess they are like Oreos, if you call anything chocolate with filling sandwiched in between an Oreo. The cookies were extremely soft, made out of cake mix. Wasn't really sure how that was going to work until they were out of the oven, but it did. I pulled off a major coup with the filling, tricking not one, not two, but THREE Hansom men into eating the cream cheese frosting by simply calling it "icing." And they all liked it! Oh ho ho! I'm the winner!
I was tempted to get a little carried away with the green food dye, but happily I did not and miraculously managed a perfect shade of green without staining everything in sight(just my fingers). I thought it was very festive. And like every girl who wears solid black clothing every day, I have a not-so-secret love for pastels. Everywhere.
But back to food...I need to make some Memphis-restaurant-related notes. In the past few months I have compiled an epic list of restaurants around town that I need to eat at.(Sorry for ending the sentence with a preposition, Mom. You raised me better). In the past few weeks I have actually gone to several of them. Some highlights(sadly unaccompanied by photos):
-the hot butter rum cake at Harry's Detour on Cooper...the best rum cake ever, and I should know, I've toured a rum cake factory.
-the garlicky bread at Lavoro's Pizza Pasta Panini on have to (like it's a chore) order an entire loaf, and yr breath will be super stinky, but it's SO WORTH IT.
-the guacomole at Las Delicias on Park...basically just avocado chunks and pico de gallo. So so good. It reminded me of the guac of legend, from that fateful day in Mexico when I took advantage of under-21 drinking and $4 drinks and tried to turn on all the stray pregnant dogs on the beach to the wonders of the best guac ever. Bitches wouldn't take it! What kind of dog behavior is that!(Probably screaming "EAT DA GUAC!!!!" was not the best way to endear myself to them).
That's all for now...

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