Sunday, December 6, 2009

It's getting colder here in the Deep South, but unfortunately I cannot hibernate, though I am giving it my best shot (sleeping til 1 today with the animals squishing me into a warm furry sandwich). But work awaits. I just finished writing a very real grant proposal for not-quite-real P.A.W. for my nonprofit class. It is long and confusing and would surely not get my organization $25,000. But I AM DONE WITH IT. and that is what really matters here.
let's see...friday night i made an encore of the fudge pie i made two weeks ago. my dad ate it all yesterday, which makes me feel good. i enjoy watching other people enjoy what i've cooked. some really profound thoughts going on here, clearly. i am so unbelieveably read to be finished with school. the idea of grad school and doing this whole thing over again, academics-wise (the non-academics have been pretty varied and fun), makes me want to run my head through a Rothko. (just kidding, i would never destroy a rothko...perhaps a paul mccarthy.) but it does seem a little foolish to say, "no thanks professional career...i'd like to stay home and bake and rescue animals instead." i don't know. QUARTER-LIFE CRISIS (actually, every time i see a roach in my apartment it takes a few years off my life, so if i continue living in midtown 22 is probably half of my life, not a quarter).
fingers crossed for a camera this christmas! but for now, i leave you with this bundle of holiday joy: