Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Day 7: Blueberry Muffins

Though the recipe said I could use frozen blueberries (obviously I did, it's February), it didn't warn me that they would result in ugly bruise-colored muffins. They remind of Violet Beauregarde inflating like a balloon in Willy Wonka. However, when I tried to find a video of that scene I unfortunately discovered that there is such a thing as an inflation fetish. Apparently watching Violet expand is the be-all end-all for this fetish. What about feet, people? Or legs? Or leather? Are those too normal and quaint? The comments on the video were the absolute most bizarre things I have read on an Internet forum in quite some time.
BACK TO THE POINT. I will not be linking to that video. I have no desire to attract "eccentric" fetishists to this sad little cake site. The muffins did not have any butter...never trust a baked good without butter. Lesson learned!
Seriously, I cannot get over how weird this inflation thing is. I am both amused and a little disturbed.
Sorry this photograph is so unattractive!

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