Friday, January 29, 2010

Day 2: Parmesan Cat Treats

I've baked dog treats before. And Charlotte, being the garbage can that she is(ironic because her worst fear is the dumspter truck), loved them. They're made with ingredients intended for human consumption, which I think my animals deserve, rather than chicken by-product(read: blood, beak, eyes, etc.). So I decided to make cat treats because I was running low on the store-bought kind. Also, since they only have four ingredients--cheese, flour, water, butter--they were super simple. I even used a little fish-shaped cookie cutter. I was so proud.
But as you can see, my fatties were not impressed. Betsy just glared at me for invading her personal space when I gave her one, and Johnny started throwing his around the room. It wound up under the fridge. I gave one to Charlotte, though, and she was definitely interested. So the cat treats became dog treats. (Or possibly human treats? Andy ate two. He said they tasted like a mild cheese cracker. And he calls CHARLOTTE a garbage can...)
P.S.- Yes, Betsy has two front legs. How that fatty is so flexible is beyond me.

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