Thursday, January 28, 2010

365 Days of Food

In a fit of Julie and Julia-inspired food-blog frenzy (which I'm sure has happened to a lot of people), I decided that I am going to make something every day, for a year. Something edible will be created with my oven, stovetop, blender, and sheer force of will. This will produce an ungodly amount of dishes. Likely, I will not actually feel like cooking (or baking or whipping up) something everyday. But I love cooking and am fascinated by food, so why not? What else am I doing? (Looking for a job, yes, but unsuccessfully thus far).
Yesterday, January 27th, was my first day. I made almond biscotti (see above--the image below is a banana cake with chocolate icing that I made on rich I was actually compelled to EXERCISE the next morning. That hasn't happened since an ill-advised Cici's binge Christie and I had in late 2006). They are VERY crispy, but subtly sweet (from someone who adores subtle in everything but food). Don't know how I'm going to eat 16 of them, but it'll happen!

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  1. My fridge has PLENTY of room if you need to store any of your baked goods in it.