Monday, September 21, 2009

It's already Monday time flies when you're in school and you live for the weekend. Not to say that today's been so bad. Johnny is chasing a gnat and doing pirouettes with his cartoonishly (not a word) long body, I have some chocolate chip muffins (from a cupcake cookbook, but they are clearly muffins) cooling on the kitchen counter, I did not get rained on today (for the first time in a week), and in a few hours Andy and I are going to walk down to the Hi-Tone to see Kylesa. He describes them as "what Tool would sound like if Took didn't suck." A pretty accurate summary. I'm mainly going to eye the merch table and try to get some unsuspecting roadie to squeal about which records are super-limited, but I also have to admit really enjoying being the only female at metal shows. They can be laugh-out-loud funny and there is so much testosterone in the air that you can smell it (a bit like sweat, beer, and an occasional dumbass who applied Axe (there's a reason you're here alone, buddy)). Double parentheses...can I do that? I DID IT.
Fact of the day: listening to NPR on the way to that retail hellhole, Schnucks, I learned that there are more Subways in the world than there are McDonald's. Clearly iceberg lettuce is more popular than I thought.

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  1. Wow. I didn't realize that there are more Subways than McDonald's. Speaking of fast food, the next time you get a chicken biscuit, get a Chik-fil-a one.