Tuesday, September 1, 2009

fo' drizzle

Yesterday was the first day of classes (but my last semester of college!), and to mourn the former and celebrate the latter I made some lemon drizzle bars last night, from an aptly titled cookbook I have called "I Love Sugar". I didn't have the correct size pan, so I used a smaller one, which meant that the lemon-powdered sugar syrup I made to pour on them was a bit too much. So now they are lemon drenched bars. But still pretty tasty.
Although I know its prime season is winter, citrus fruits (especially lemons) seem very appropriate for summer. I found the world's largest lemon at Fresh Market (my new obsession) yesterday, and I decided it deserved to shine on its very own in some sort of baked good in which I could drown my beginning-of-the-school-year woes.
I WISH I COULD TAKE PICTURES. But alas, school books gotta be bought, and unfortunately they get more expensive every year. I sound like a grandpa...("why, I remember when textbooks only cost ya $20!")...but that's fine with me.

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