Wednesday, February 4, 2009

sleeping on the job

today has not been so fun. i'm curled up in bed, eating my third egg sandwich in less than 24 hours (which may well be a personal record), hypothetically positioning myself at the foot of Vesuvius to write a paper for my art of Pompeii class. it's so so cold, and my bedspread is dirty, thanks to charlotte's habit of chewing nasty rawhides right on top of it. however, i have the best foot-warmers in the world to make this boring task a little less awful and a lot more cute. people who don't have animals really just don't know what they're missing. here are my bay-bays, catching up on their 19 hours of sleep a day while i slave away at the computer.

will you please check out charlotte's persecuted look? it is ridiculous. i guess she perfected it during her two years in puppy jail. this is the look i have to endure every single time i leave the apartment/shut the bathroom door/eat without giving her any scraps/let a. enter the apartment. you'd think i have been starving this dog or something. very conniving, she is.

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  1. My sweet Grand Dog. Bring her to see me please!!