Thursday, February 5, 2009

independent living

in just a few short weeks, the gritty little narcissus bulbs that a. planted for me have blossomed into these beauties. the blooms burst forth overnight, and their subtle fragrance is now wafting through my entire apartment. some of the clusters of flowers are hanging so heavy on their stems that they swing low and smack betsy in the face while she's eating. being a cat, and by definition nonchalant, she completely ignores them.
however, there are some different apartment inhabitants that she refuses to ignore. my worst nightmare: roaches. i am not a bastion of bravery or anything, but i'm not too bad with most bugs. spiders? no problem. i actually let them live most of the time because the eat roaches. even less common nasties, like earwigs, i can deal with. roaches are another story entirely. i get hit with a wave of nausea just thinking about them. but as i live in an old midtown apartment, they're unfortunately sort of inevitable. i keep my place clean, but that doesn't seem to matter to them. i'm more than willing to wage biological warfare against these pests with raid, but betsy is messing up this option. even when i cover up the defeated carcasses of my evil little enemies (waiting for a. to come dispose of their bodies), she finds a way in. and eats them. whole. at first i thought my kitty executioner was amusing, but now i'm afraid she's going to get poisoned. and i can't crush them, because i am a wimp. short of caulking every single crevice in my apartment, i don't know what to do. i guess i could grow a pair, but i'm just not ready for that kind of personal advancement. help?

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