Monday, February 2, 2009

cookies and kitties

the night before last i baked some gingerbread kitties, in honor of the ultimate real-life ginger kitty, the mayor. i've never made from-scratch gingerbread anything before, so these were a bit iffy. they needed some icing, or candy googly eyes, or something. a. suggested using them as cereal...probably the best way to deal with the 15 extra languishing on my counter right now.
the weather today was spectacularly beautiful. however, i spent the majority of my day asleep (i won't lie) or studying. sleeping was probably far more productive than the studying...intimidating tomes about contemporary art have to be the dryest, most humorless, and self-serious books of art scholarship on the market. it's enough to bore anyone to tears (or lull them back to sleep).

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