Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pizza

I'm not sure "pizza" is the appropriate word here. Maybe "sphere of gluttony"? "Diabetic Coma"? Andy just kept calling it "giant cookie." Truthfully, it's all of these things. The crust is flattened chocolate chip cookie dough(which unfortunately burnt slightly because I was lax with my parents high-tech oven). The base "sauce" is hot fudge, covered by a peanut butter-cream cheese concoction, then more hot fudge. Now, if only I add 400 regular pizzas, a crew of obese folks, and a heavy dose of pain, I can recreate the experience of Cici's in my own home!
Speaking of my own home, it's going to be somewhere new soon. ESCAPE FROM MIDTOWN 2010! Roaches and drive-bys and car break-ins, be gone! Fingers crossed, I'm putting down the security deposit for a little house in the charming Sea Isle neighborhood tomorrow. With a backyard for Charlotte(and growing food!), a dishwasher, and nary a drug dealer neighbor in sight(for the love of god, hopefully).

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  1. i don't think cici's would ever have something looking this good..