Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Peanut Butter Cookies

I love simple recipes. There is nothing better than being able to whip up something amazing in under 20 minutes and pop them in the oven. These cookies (my adaptation of a recipe from Southern Living) contained just five ingredients, and were a "one-bowl" recipe, blessedly, since doing a bunch of dishes while nervously looking over my shoulder every 4 seconds for roaches is remarkably time-consuming. They were nice and crumbly, and perfectly salty-sweet (THE BEST FOOD SENSATION OF ALL TIME). And I only had to have the oven on for 18 minutes in the excruciating Memphis summer, always a plus.
Perhaps because of the oven in the heat, I prefer to cook at night. Actually this is probably because I hate mornings and I'm at work all day, so the only time available to bake is the time I should be sleeping. From what I've gathered reading "real" food blogs, the optimal time to take luscious food pictures is the early morning or the mid-afternoon (what beautiful light!). I'll try that next time. Hopefully I'll think up a better food styling situation than a chipped thrift-store plate, sitting on my washing machine, with my shadow peeking in, at 11 p.m. OH WELL.

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