Tuesday, October 27, 2009

full closet, empty brain

Remember these days? It's okay, I barely do either. I've been thinking and overthinking about how you can do Wardrobe Remix, or even a fashion blog, tastefully. How can it ever be classy to spend a good chunk of time taking photos of yourself, putting them on the internet, and waiting for applause(or boos and hisses, depending on your outfit). The Cherry Blossom Girl does it. So does Ringo. But alas, I neither live in Paris with the world's most magnificent wardrobe nor do I live in New York and possess mad self-timer skillz with the camera. OH WELL. I've just been getting a lot more excited about clothes lately (I think it's the opportunity to conceal these pasty stems in tights! oh, and boots, I forgot about boots), and am hoping to continue it. I sometimes think that if my second post ever on Wardrobe Remix (two years ago, mind you) got selected by Painfully Hip, maybe I should have kept it up. My closet is so full, begging to be worn. It's actually so full I've had to get rid of several things, but it's probably for the best since the black halter my boobs fall out of or a thrift-store dress 13 sizes too big didn't really belong in there anyway.
So I've been thinking about clothes. Not school. Especially since I figured out I really am going to graduate in December. I wanna be through! I'm about to turn in the worst nonprofit paper ever...but hopefully the outfit I send it off in will be great!
Also, I had a stomach bug come visit from 5 a.m. Sunday morning til yesterday afternoon. So I've been thinking about that too. And eating things other than crackers and applesauce.

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