Sunday, August 23, 2009

Back in the saddle again?

Thanks in part to a fairly steady internet connection (thank you, neighbor who is both too lazy to secure your network or name it--Netgear?), as well as a glut of free time during this hot, jobless summer, I have decided that the time is ripe to give this thing a shot once more. Despite the lack of a working freezer or a fridge that can keep milk good for longer than 2 days, I am cooking, lots. There have been both successes (the chocolate cake with caramel icing I made for Andy's surprise birthday party) and impressively elaborate failures (the dark chocolate cake with chocolate ganache that made Elizabeth gag). At least I learned something from plumbing the depths of culinary failure: I took that cookbook to the Goodwill drop-off straightaway.
Also, since I last updated this sad little abandoned blogette, two new family members have entered my life! The permanent one is a cartoonish tuxedo cat with a huge gut named Johnny that I acquired in April from Mewtopia, a really great cat rescue in East Memphis. The temporary addition to my laughably small apartment is a petite stray cat, wooed by cans of wet food from the shadows of my building's basement, who answers to both "kitten" and "Skinny Minnie." She is my first official rescue (Lil Bitty 4ever) under the umbrella of Purrs and Whiskers (P.A.W.) Pet Rescue, the organization that I founded (and am still the sole member of) a few months ago. Being unemployed gives you lots of time to think. Clearly. Currently, I'm working on getting a vet on board to offer discounted services. My solicitation letter is, I think, pretty convincing.
Also also, I've realized lately how much my life has changed in the past year or so (in the best way possible). Less than two years ago, you were far more likely (read: 99% likely) to find an overturned can of malt liquor under my bed. Today that spot is taken by decapitated cat toys and lots of dog hair. After partying a leeeeeetle too hard for a while there, I am ecstatically happy with the way my life has turned, mainly due to my wonderful boyfriend and my fat dog (mortal enemies, by the way). I thought it might be interesting to chronicle my entrance into the domestic realm, as well as the shockingly complicated world of non-profit animal rescue. Interesting to ME, that is. We'll see if anyone else falls for it.

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