Thursday, September 9, 2010


Well.....promises promises! After my astonishing creative burst of two posts, I stopped (as you may have noticed). You may (or you may not, I dunno) have been wondering where my fickle ass has been doing. Not much! I made a gluten-free flourless chocolate cake, which was sadly flat and tasted more like a dense brownie than a cake. I think I did not sufficiently beat the egg whites to an absolute pulp (or glossy cloud), but it still tasted okay. As you can see, Johnny was quite interested and I eventually decided that repeated attempts to take a picture might result in a call to kitten Poison Control. Elizabeth and I made some Mexican hot chocolate cookies for Labor Day, but they were too elusive to capture in a photo (read: Andy ate them all).

Around the house, I painted and reupholstered this chair. It went from dusty blue to offensively purple (though I'm starting to grow sort of fond of it), and the kitschy pink floral fabric was replaced with this "wrought iron" pattern which took me like 4 months of fabric shopping to decide on. I paid SEVENTEEN dollars a yard, so now I'm left with the remnants of this stuff, if anyone wants it. It's too stiff (indoor/outdoor) to be used to for any sort of clothing project, but someone creative might could use it. If all else fails I'll use it as wrapping paper for the next birthday in my life (Christie???).
I read recently (in Martha Stewart Living, natch) that saying your plans out loud is a good way to force you to go through with them. Well, here goes: I am developing a menu for a little baked good-catering business (now that the bugs in my house have cleared up. Thanks Mitch, miracle-working exterminator!). It's going to consist of good, old-fashioned, fatty, totally homemade, delicious desserts. No feta-cheese and watermelon cupcakes or (heaven forbid) sugar-free coconut-jasmine cake. (Not sure that those are real, by the way). I'm going to try to keep prices low as well. So when things get more definite, you'll be the first to know! Also, I like to think of myself as more than a one-trick pony (more like a mule, though hopefully...not sterile). I'm not only interested in food, though I have to admit it does dominate my waking moments. I'd like to find a way to incorporate the other things I love (clothes, Memphis, film, domestic activities) into this blog. But I know what you're thinking: I'll believe it when I see it! God, this post is getting long. A little less conversation, a little more action, as that most famous of Memphians might say.